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Is Your Immune System Up to Par?

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Our immune system isn't getting the attention it deserves right now. Far too many people are focused on activities that actually weaken the immune system.

Our immune system is primarily controlled by our stomach...yes, your gut is actually one of the most important areas to regulate whether your body can stay healthy and strong or get sick. Seems strange, right? But, it makes perfect sense. Whatever you put in your body, on your body, breathe in, watch or surround yourself with impacts your microbiome and immune system. By definition, the human microbiome is the aggregate of all microbiota that reside on or within human tissues and biofluids, along with the corresponding anatomical sites in which they reside.

If you use, ingest, inject and surround yourself with toxic chemicals you will destroy your microbiome. When we talk specifically about the immune system and the gut microbiome, this destruction happens a couple of ways.

  1. Your ratio of good stomach bacteria to bad stomach bacteria will be lopsided. A healthy gut has a ratio of approximately 80% good bacteria to 20% bad bacteria. Most humans have the opposite of that - 20% good to 80% bad. Bad stuff in equals sickness and disease.

  2. When you ingest toxic chemicals you will destroy your stomach lining. Your stomach lining in only one cell thick. By ingesting toxic chemicals you actually cause tiny perforations in your stomach wall. When that happens, the toxins from your stomach seep into your blood stream and then, unfortunately, have free reign on your body. This is where sickness and disease come in.

So, what can damage your gut bacteria and cell wall? Anything that's toxic! This could be:

  • Chemically created fake food (fast food, processed food, things in a box)

  • Pharmaceuticals and OTC's (over-the-counter medicine like aspirin, cough syrup, sleeping pills, etc.)

  • Toxic cleaning products

  • Toxic skin products (lotions, makeup, soap, shampoo, etc.)

  • Toxic air fresheners (sprays, plug-ins, etc. that aren't made from natural ingredients

  • Breathing in toxic air (when you exhale you should be eliminating carbon dioxide, not turning around and ingesting it again)

  • Wearing the wrong type of mask when you absolutely have to wear one. Just a hint - the blue ones you see everyone wearing are designed for sterile environments and should be discarded after roughly 30 minutes when NOT in a sterile environment. Most are also coated with PTFE (a chemical used in Teflon)

  • Hand sanitizer - most hand sanitizers actually weaken your immune system

  • Synthetic supplements (those that are made of chemicals and not whole food compounds)

  • Exposure to EMF's (electromagnetic frequencies)

Immune system boosters:

  • Eating real food (fruits, vegetables, unprocessed, not enriched, etc.)

  • Exercise - aim for 30 minutes every day

  • Sleep - 7-8 hours a night is ideal

  • Breathing fresh air - get outside! This also boosts your natural Vitamin D.

  • Whole food supplements including Vitamin C, D and Zinc which are especially important right now

  • Probiotics - did you know that it's estimated that probiotics will be recommended by every Primary Care Physician by 2025? Why? Because the additives and hidden sugar in everything is destroying our gut microbiome. But don't just rush out and buy any probiotic. You need to read the labels. Make sure it has CHITOSANASE. Why is that important? When we have yeast overgrowth in our stomach it actually inhibits the absorption of most probiotics. When yeast builds up in the gut, it forms a tough, protective cell wall called Chitin. This is what makes yeast overgrowth so hard to kill. Chitosanase is an enzyme that breaks through that cell wall and attacks the yeast overgrowth so that the intestines can properly absorb the culture forming units. ** Note: If you don't know where to find a probiotic that has this I can steer you in the right direction.

Also, don't fall for all of the refrigerated versions. The ingredients typically activate and die as soon as they touch the heat of your tongue. That means that most of the beneficial organisms are already dead before they even reach their destination (your gut). Look for something freeze dried which means that the bacteria will stay alive in warmer temperatures and first activate when they reach your stomach.

  • CBD - one of the most serious conditions associated with viruses is that in rare instances of extreme inflammation a "cytokine superstorm" occurs. This can cause high fever, cough, muscle pain and in some cases severe pneumonia.

CBD helps reduce lung damage by increasing levels of the peptide apelin. Apelin works in our bodies to reduce inflammation. CBD also reduces pulmonary fibrosis, a condition where lung tissue becomes damaged and scarred, thickening the tissue and making it difficult to breathe.

No one is responsible for your own health except for you! We all make choices everyday that will either boost our natural immune system or weaken it. We get one temple (our body). Sadly, most people take better care of their cars than they do their own body. Make smart decisions every day and see how much better you feel.

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