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Don’t Be Fooled by Manipulated Research

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Have you seen the crazy reports about the dangers of CBD? I have to say, I’ve been waiting for this to happen. Think about it, holistic, natural solutions are helping people. Plant medicine is giving people their lives back. It’s helping them sleep, easing their pain, calming their anxiety, and a whole host of other things.

Pharmaceutical companies are losing money and Big Pharma has a hand in the AMA, the media, and the way that you receive care from your doctor. Have you ever wondered why you see so many drug commercials on television? Take a deep look at who owns stock in the networks. Follow the money.

When natural wellness advocates teach people about holistic remedies it takes money out of Big Pharma’s pockets, so what do they do?

They Create Synthetic Drugs That Try to Mimic the Natural Plant

The KEY word here is synthetic. Your body does not know how to process and use synthetic chemicals. It wasn’t made that way.

They Create “Studies” That Support Their Narrative

Desperate people do desperate things. The report that came out this summer on CBD causing liver damage was complete nonsense.

When you take a deeper look into the study, there are several things that are obviously wrong, especially if you’ve been following cannabis and CBD news. For one, the researchers used Epidiolex in their methodology, a pharmaceutical, synthetic CBD-based drug. Epidiolex was approved by the FDA last year for treating rare childhood epilepsy, and it was seen as an important milestone for being the first cannabis-based drug approved for distribution in the USA.

But, as with all pharmaceutical drugs, Epidiolex has been known to produce ill side effects, and it is known that liver damage is one of them.

Project CBD, a California NGO that promotes CBD research, cleared up the smoke on the suggestion that CBD could cause liver damage. They say that its “sensational claim was based on a dubious study.” They cite the fact that the research didn’t test on humans, which they say is a “hugely important distinction.” They also said that the mice (the study was done on 6 mice) were given doses that are not actually used by humans, because no one actually takes CBD in doses that were used for the study.

Full or Broad Spectrum CBD, from the natural plant, is an amazing holistic wellness tool for your health that dates back thousands of years. In 2737BC Chinese Emperor Shen Nung discovered the healing properties of cannabis. It has been used as natural medicine in Egypt, Greece, Rome, India, and Europe for centuries and by the 1840’s was considered a mainstream remedy in the West. In 1850 cannabis was listed in the US Pharmacopeia to treat dozens of afflictions.

Pharmaceutical companies are pulling out all the stops and my guess is that we’ll see more and more false reports. Stick with the natural plant, not a synthetic version. Your health will thank you.

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